Pawsey Genealogy

Roger or Richard ?


Frederick Pawsey was born to Roger and Sarah Pawsey on 23 July 1811 he was baptised in Bury St Edmunds St James on 17th January 1813. His wife was Sarah Taylor of this Parish. Interestingly the occupation of Roger was put as “Taylor”, we do not know if this was a misspelling for tailor or a mistake in which the wife maiden name was in the wrong column.  Link to Copy of Register


Looking for the marriage of Roger and Sarah the only one in the marriage index is of Richard Pawsey marrying Sarah Taylor on 16 March 1803 at St Andrew by the Wardrobe in London. Link to Copy of Register. There are signatures of R Pawsey and Sarah Taylor as Bride & Groom and James Taylor and Sarah as witnesses.


A Roger Pawsey was born to William Pawsey & Ruth Mills on 18th Nov 1776 in Bury St Edmunds St Mary. The fiches of this are missing from Suffolk record office.


We think it is very unlikely that two R Pawseys both married Sarah Taylors at roughly the same time.

We think that Roger Pawsey did marry Sarah Taylor from London and there was an error filling in the register.