Pawsey Genealogy

Birth of James Pawsey 1692


Cilla’s tree goes back with certainty to the marriage of James Pawsey and Sarah Howe of Shimplinghthorne on 25th November 1717.


Nov 25th James Pawsey of Stanningfield  & Sarah How of this parish were married.”  Cilla, John, Rodney and Anne are descendants)

The IGI is not very accurate:  Link to James Pawsey IGI

The birthdate of 1692 is suspect, we have not been able to find a record of this so far

In the marriage record James Pawsey was recorded as of Stanningfield. Stanningfield is 2.5  miles north of Shimpling. We have examined the records of Stanningfield and find no trace of James.

The fact he was recorded as of Stanningfield probably means he was living there at the time.

We are looking in neighbouring parishes for traces.


James is the Key to linking to the Shimpling tree. It would be astonishing if he is not part of the tree but we do not have proof at the moment.

There were James Pawseys dying who could be his father. Clues may lie there


DSM 3 March 2014